Our vast experience in the mechanical services field has prompted us to develop a device to aid the needs of the modern mechanic. This device solves the tedious problem of raising and placing on the hoists, the van (SUV) tires that are becoming heavier than ever. It is also a powerful assistance center for the mechanic, providing an air connection, a state-of-the-art fluid vacuum extractor. It also comes with a tool holder and shelves designed to facilitate the work of today’s mechanic. The cart rotates on wheels with brakes for its movement.


04 Connection hoses for pneumatic tools with fast connectors in each one.

Neumatic piston with anchorage to place 13 and 19″ tires

Pressure regulators for raising and lowering of pneumatic piston.

Bidirectional command for pneumatic piston.

Piston stroke: 19,68 inch downwards / upwards

Tool tray for better organization of work.

01 Pressure gauge for pressure supervision.

Speed test in 3 seconds

Able to rotate upper part of cart in a 360° angle.

Dimensions of equipment (1 body): 49,01×24,60×32,87 inch.

Net weight: 30 kg.

Gross weight: 32 kg.