With the object of expanding its line of products and complementing the diagnostic requirements of inspection facilities, CVA has incorporated diagnostic systems for the diagnosis of:

Emissions in Gasoline Combustion Engine Vehicles.

Emissions in Diesel Combustion Engine Vehicles.


The Analyzer of Diesel Vehicle Emissions, or opacimeter, measures the quantity of light absorption produced by the exhaust gases. For this purpose the Gas Analyzer has a chamber, with a transmitter and a light sensor, through which circulate the exhaust gases. The sensor measures the luminous intensity obtained so as to later calculate the light absorption rate.

Note: According to ISO 11614 directives.

For the exhaust gas analysis in gasoline combustion engine vehicles, a system capable of measuring the concentration of the different resulting gases in the engine combustion is required.

According to international regulations, the analyzer must measure the concentration of the following gases:

HC Free Hydrocarburates

CO Carbon Monoxide

CO2 Carbon Dioxide

O2 Oxygen

NOX Nitrogen Oxide