The Swiss SGS Group with over 1,800 offices worldwide and experts among other topics Scrutineering Vehicle.

He acquired in late 2013 CVA national technology equipment to equip the plant re Verification Technical SACTA in full. Located on Av. Roca and Escalada.

The teams with the firm counts are: Combo testers, Bank suspensions, brake tester, Taxicometro, clearance detectors, gas analyzers and Opacimeters.

In our country around the 90, there were no plants Scrutineering, much less design and manufacture of equipment for vehicle diagnosis of domestic production, SACTA was the first official VTV plant who settled in Argentina for commercial vehicles (taxis ) acquiring at this time teams from Europe for initial operation.

It is for this reason that we emphasize the importance of progress for our industry to have such a prestigious firm that has currently with domestically manufactured equipment.