About CVA

CVA is a manufacturer of equipment for vehicle diagnostics. Through the work of many years in the industry, and a continuous market presence around the country and the world in all directions with participation in trade exhibitions and numerouspromotional activities, CVA could position itself as the industry leader in our country, with more than 15 years of experience in the market and exportations throughout America and Europe.

CVA is installing successfully in Argentina and worldwide diagnostic equipmentfor light and heavy technical verification plants, automotive dealerships, workshops specialized in cushioning and tire shops.

Countries in the European Union have implemented, since several years ago, official technical verification systems for both light and heavy vehicles. This experience has turn into a similar initiative in Argentina with the creation of an apa critique format should student wear uniform official body in 1992, called National Executive Consultant of Transport (CENT) This agency called national attention for the organization of a network of workshops for technical inspection of cargo and passengers vehicles as also in Buenos Aires and Córdoba provinces.

Control vehicular Argentino SA, due to its experience in mechanical Workshops equipment, in such matter was one of the technical assistants of the CENT in the time of its organization and a provider of equipment and one of the contributors for the set up of 70 technical inspection plants, about a total of 100 in the entire country. To implement the installation of these plants, it had to make several trips to Europe since 1994; to this, a stay in Germany, Spain and other European Union members, where it was relayed the characteristics of technical inspection systems of these countries. Along this experience it was found an out number of problems of design in the used equipment in these countries, which generated big and serious problems of maintenance of these equipments.

Those same troubles appeared in our country when it was started to use the imported machines, which made the technician to introduce changes and improvements in these to solve the problems that users detected.

As a natural consequence of addressing of these troubles, it raised the initiative todevelop national equipment which fulfilled the same functions as imported systems with lower prices which ensure improved performance and that operate at a lower maintenance cost. To carry it out, CVA S.A based on the gained experience along the development of diagnostic equipment of alienation, suspension and brake for light vehicles.

CVA has a great knowledge of automotive diagnostic industry due to its ability to implement technical solutions adapted to the specific needs of its customers.– In the last three years there has been a very good performance of the installed base of equipment in relation to mechanical or electronic failures.– Very easy handling of equipment; the maintenance, the calibration and the reparation of equipment is really easy to interpret.– Excellent electronic architecture; software and hardware, everything of our own design.-Easy interpretation of Graphics, intuitive handling of all the functions of equipment by using a Mouse upon buttons on the screen, with no need of using the keys.-The interface between user-machine is PC-compatible and the PC may be repaired in anywhere of the world. Permanent actualization of software is free.– Technological solutions found by CVA for technical problems of customers are innovative, adapted to developing countries, and allow achieving of solid, reliable and low operating cost equipment.

For the development of the diagnostic equipment for heavy vehicles, CVA gained the support of FONTAR (Argentine Technologic Fund), which belongs to the National Scientific and Technological Promotion Agency. This support took form through a project in call in the 2000 of the tool of promotion ?Non-Refundable contributions ?, which was financed by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Due to the success achieved by this project, CVA SA was awarded as Argentinean Inventor and Developer by the Presidency of the Nation, in a ceremony held in the White Hall of the Government House, along with a group of innovative companies.

International customers

CVA has exported these diagnostic for heavy and light vehicles equipment at a total of 27 countries, most of them, to Latin America and also to the demanding markets of USA, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, France and Germany. Thanks to a strategic partnership with Monroe, a U.S company which belongs to the giant of auto partsTenneco.

Monroe is the well recognized world leader brand in cushioning and has chosen CVA to equip their service centres in North America. CVA has also exported diagnostic equipment to other Latin America countries such as Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Belize, etc.

Based on this exporting experience, its strategic partnerships with International range companies as Monroe-Tenneco, Beissbarth, Bosch, Magneti Marelli, Toyota, Ford, Peugeot and the strong links generated with its customers, CVA is designing new development constantly to leave our Argentina on an important place in the international competition of manufacturing of equipment for automotive diagnosis and services.

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