Argentine triumph in more than 27 countries

Tenneco Monroe – CVA an alliance that positioned the Argentine industry within the high standards of vehicular verification with the Suspension Bank patented by the INPI.


Creation of Auto OK in Argentina

Fric-Rot Monroe presents its Auto OK Services Network for the control and diagnosis of the suspension system. The Auto OK centers have technical support Fric Rot Monroe providing advisory services and diagnosis of the state of the suspension of the vehicle. For that, state-of-the-art equipment developed by CVA was used.


Creole vanguard: the “Catu Móvil” is born

Fric-Rot Monroe, world leader in the manufacture of shock absorbers, develops together with CVA the Catu Móvil, a suspension analysis bench (very similar to those of the VTV) in which a check is made on the state of the vehicle suspension . The Catu Móvil carried out numerous campaigns throughout the country.


CVA pioneer in the reconversion of European products in the Official Technical Verification Plants

After the 2001 crisis, CVA began to provide equipment and maintenance to the main Verificadoras, counteracting the abandonment of the European companies that originally equipped the first official plants. In this way CVA managed to reconvert and provide 90% of the Technical Review Plants in Argentina.

Argentina treads strong throughout Latin America
Auto OK and Monroe proliferate in Brazil: Curitiba, Tayahi and Florianopolis, among other cities. 14 trips per year were made to Rio do Sud in order to equip the region through Fric-Rot and CVB (Control Vehicular Brazil). In addition, close to 100 products are distributed in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and a large part of Central America, including El Salvador, Puerto Rico and Belize, among others.
37 distributed products.

It strengthens in the Spanish-speaking market

Tenneco Mexico grows in sales year after year thanks to the new development of the Night Hawk line in Celaya, Mexico, which had easy use and assembly, without the need for ramps, civil works, and easy transportation. It is installed successfully in more than 25 clients. Not only were training courses given in the areas of maintenance, service and sales techniques, but also the strengthening of the Mobile Suspension Bank in the country was celebrated through the Andellac Convention.


Tenneco USA and Gabriel shock absorbers trust us

Tenneco USA and CVA present their new tool to 200 representatives of NAPA, leader in the auto parts industry. They could observe its ease of transport, its simple handling and interpretation of results. Its effect gave customers a verified product so they showed interest in this tool to increase the sale of auto parts. From there, NAPA is willing to help its affiliates choose this new way of providing services to their clients.
In 2016, in the Gabriel test laboratory located in the city of Detroit, a team was installed consisting of a step aligner, suspension bench and brake tester. It was purchased for the durability tests of the dampers and brake components manufactured by the firm.

52 products
50 states

Canadian Tire is aligned to the CVA philosophy

The prestigious automotive self-service chain, Canadian Tire, continues to evolve with CVA to offer its customers the most advanced services related to the diagnosis of alignment, suspension and brakes.


Germany / Belgium
Tenneco Europe invites us to its facilities.

CVA is invited by Tenneco Europe to the facilities of Beissebarth in Germany and Belgium thanks to the new design of the Extra Low equipment. From there, Control Vehicular Argentino goes to Saint Triuden in August 2005. With the intention of transferring this successful experience to the old world, Tenneco Europe acquires two Benches of Suspensions Extra Low of last generation.